Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Lost Blog - Sunday 2/11/07

Well somehow I managed to forget to post my photos from last sunday. It was day two of birding with Oscar Johnson, Jim Lomax and John Sterling, and I guess by the time I got home I was pretty well wiped out... It was an incredibly successful day, we saw the yellow-throated warbler at Tewinkle, the worm-eating warbler at UCI, the lewis's woodpeckers at Black Star Canyon, the black-and-white warbler at Huntington Central Park, and the reddish egret at Bolsa Chica... phew. I didn't get amazing shots of any of them, but at least we saw them. The last sighting of the day was decidedly less feathery, a coyote on the ridge-line =)
This little guy was soaked, allowing those gorgeous "ruby-crown" feathers to shine through

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