Sunday, May 30, 2010

Quechee Gorge: Vermont's Grand Canyon

Hiking Mt. Tom with Victor

Mt. Tom is a small peak above Woodstock, VT, very similar to Kent's Ledge, which I've hiked on several occasions. It was a quick, fairly easy hike, at least until the last stretch where it was very steep. The weather was gorgeous, cool, breezy, and sunny out, mid 70s. Perfect day for a hike!

Birding With Peter and Merril

Right before I left VT to visit home in Cali, I went on a very relaxed bird walk with Peter and his girlfriend Merrill. We just walked around the area surrounding his house (really nice vegetation along a brook). We had red-eyed and blue-headed vireos, a veery, a least flycatcher calling and ovenbirds singing. I was buzzed by a ruby-throated humming bird, and of course chickadees followed us wherever we went.
 Because it was mid-afternoon, and ridiculously windy, warblers were a wash, but it was still nice to get out and hike around a bit. They had been out turkey hunting at the crack of dawn, and had some dinner to show for it! Personally, I think I'll stick to watching birds ;)