Saturday, June 10, 2006

La Jolla Cove - 6/9/06

Pelicans and gulls and cormorants, oh my!!
I spent the day in La Jolla, California yesterday, had a lot of fun watching the pelicans and cormorants as they fed, rested, preened, and generally interacted.
Gull, anyone care to I.D. and age it?
back shot, cuuute
Brant's cormorant giving a landing pelican a hard time
Western Gull, everyone's favorite lunch thief
Pelican making use of a preen gland
I just liked the flow of action in this shot
California Brown Pelican
Heerman's gull!
Nice wingspan
awww, classic =)


Anonymous said...

wow great pix leigh!! so clear and wonderful! keep it up

Leigh said...

thank you! I had so much fun in La Jolla yesterday, great place for taking photos of people and birds. lol

Anil said...

The back-shot is a lovely perspective.

bev said...

A wonderful collection of photos, Leigh. Loved the shot of the Pelican landing among the cormorants!

MojoMan said...

Thanks for sharing the great photos. I hope to get to La Jolla one of these days. I hear it's a wonderfu place.

wolf21m said...

Excellent photos. I too like the landing pelican.

Leigh said...

thank you all, and yes Mojoman, go to La Jolla, it's fantastic =)