Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wicken Fen

Today I went birding at Wicken Fen with a birder friend who works at Cambridge University. We drove out to the Fens and walked around for a few hours. It was windy and overcast, and the birding was fairly slow - we did manage to pick up some birds, kestrel, buzzard, green sanpiper, Eurasian teals were a lifer for me, and a female marsh harrier was exciting. The wildlife and scenery was a welcome change, sometimes you just need to get out away from even the most beautiful cityscapes...
Fungi on tree stump
Small tortoiseshell
Water lilies
Swan with cygnets
Mating small(?) whites

Skipper spp. on thistle

Meadow brown
Bug from the blackberry plant

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rjhall said...

Hi! Glad you made it out to Wicken, and awesome that you got up onto King's Chapel roof! I'm back in Cambridge, so let me know if you're free pre- or post-work for birding. We should be able to get you some life birds at Milton CP or by heading down to Grantchester...