Monday, May 01, 2006

Irvine Regional Park

My hike yesterday was awesome. I started at UCI's botanical gardens which was quite nice for taking pictures of plants (I had to delete them all to make room to take these, I'll go back soon)

I then headed to IRPA to bird and had an amazing time. It was fairly quiet, not too many people there and the sun was out but it wasn't too hot. The peacocks were roaming around, one was even partially blocking the road on my way out! I had little luck with butterfly photography, but I did see a white probably cabbage? and the common ringlet was the only one I got a photo of. I also saw a Sara Orangetip! but it was a flyby so no picture. *sigh*

I know that it's unsafe for a female, or anyone for that matter, to hike alone in winderness parks for many reasons but I keep a college student's schedule and I can rarely find another birder willing to go with me that keeps similar hours and lives near enough to bird regularly with me. Give me a heads up if you live in the area, are free on weekdays and are interested in birding with a 17 year old. =)

Western Bluebird


Wood Duck

Common Ringlet

Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher

Oak Titmouse

Hermit Warbler


carbrax said...

Beautifull fotografies
Très beau site !


Leigh said...

Thank you, or should I say merci!