Monday, April 20, 2009

Birding @ UCI

I'm sitting in Aldrich Park at the center of UCI's campus right now. It's sunny, breezy and lovely out, currently 90 degrees. I am hearing lesser goldfinches, the buzz of a selasphorous hummingbird (Rufous or Allen's). House wrens, house finches, and orange-crowned warblers are also calling from the trees above. Western bluebirds have been flying down from the sycamore branch above me to pick insects  off the other benches and the ground. Song sparrows call from the bushes next to me. A Nuttall's woodpecker just called from the eucalyptus grove behind me. It's such a remarkably beautiful day, that it makes me wonder why on earth am I graduating and leaving this gorgeous campus in just 55 short days??!

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