Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Birding @ UCI

For the first time on my walk to my class this morning, I brought my binoculars.  It was overcast and mild out. There were yellow-rumped warblers calling their drippy "chips" from the trees. Along the way I passed at least two different black phoebes fly-catching from light posts or tree limbs.
Mostly I bird in Aldrich Park - that circular area in the center of campus - bordered by Ring Road

The empty field across from my apartments had a huge flock of crows on the ground milling around and eating something, in among the California poppies. A house wren called from the bushes as I passed the business school.
On my way to lunch, a red-shouldered hawk buzzed low along the eucalyptus trees that line the campus =)
Since it worked nicely to bring my bins with me, I'm going to try and make semi-regular posts of the birding on campus during my class hours, and title them "Birding @ UCI".

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