Saturday, March 15, 2008

Birding @ UCI

I have been sick, sick, sick this week. I had strep throat at the beginning of February, and then never quite allowed my immune system to recover because I had a very busy few weeks in late February and early March. So for the last week I've been paying for it in the form of a cold, which meant very little birding, its finals week anyhow so I guess it's a good thing I can't use going birding as an excuse not to study ;)  I'm crossing my fingers that I'll kick this thing soon so I can get out a few times over my spring break.
Today however I ventured out of the apartment to buy the Birds of Europe guide so I could begin studying for Cambridge and Edinburg this summer. (I got all the way to the bookstore to find out they carry it but nobody had it in stock, so I ordered it online). On my way there I saw a northern harrier teetering about in this crazy wind, hunting over the fields behind the ARC.
Last night, right around sunset I had the pleasure of watching a black phoebe land on my balcony and hang out for a little while, flicking it's tail as it called. It sat there for a full minute or two before flying off to perch somewhere for the night. That pleased me, because with this cold I haven't had much energy to go birding with the exception of my lab final for ornithology last week. Sometimes when we can't go out in nature, it comes to us =)

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