Friday, June 09, 2006

Orange County birding day

Blogger was acting funny yesterday so I didn't get to post about my day birding and doing some light hiking with a friend from Santa Barbara. We birded Blue Jay campgrounds, off Ortega Highway in the Cleveland Nat'l Forest, then cut inland and north to Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary. We birded up a creek, walking along the sides and rocks along the water. It was a great day for butterflies and herps! It was overcast and muggy, mid 70s, and the birds were pretty quiet but there was an abundance of life to be seen!
California Thrasher
bee? other insect? I'm unsure...

Gopher snake - San Diego subspecies

Two-striped garter snake, he caught it in the water!

Marine Blue

Pale Swallowtails, puddling!!!

Skipper species, I keep forgetting to look it up...
Red Admiral

California Newt =)

California Tree Frog!

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jaredmizanin said...

Yay! I love herps, especially that newt. Good work.