Sunday, July 30, 2006

Summer Road Trip ~ Last Day and Wrap-up

Well today was the last day of my road trip up the coast with Pete. It was basically consumed by the drive home. We woke up and had breakfast at our hotel then hopped on the 101 south to the San Mateo Bridge, on the 580 east. We took that until it dumped into the 5 freeway around Tracy. The 5 was a straight drive home on a two lane (four both directions) freeway.
One of our first views upon entering San Francisco, and the bridge we got great looks at from the Equinox restaurant
We made exceptionally good time and got home in about 7 hours, traveling over 300 miles. We made two bathroom/drink/stretch pit stops, skipped lunch, and had dinner around 5 at the Olive Garden in Burbank, but other than that it was a direct drive home with no detours.
Playing pool at the Q Club, is awesome, we pay like 5 bucks each for a few hours of pool.
Once back into Orange County it just didn't seem right to end the trip by just going home so after a run into Starbucks, we called up our friends Taylor and Evan and met up at our favorite pool hall in Costa Mesa, the Q Club, to play a few rounds.
Aren't they a pair...
I kicked ass the first game and then went to hell after that, perhaps the fact that my day started 300+ miles away in Northern California had something to do with that? In any case, it's nice to be back in my own bed and all but I really did have an awesome time, and I'm not at all sick of Pete considering we spent 5 days together 4/7. That's pretty sweet =) All in all an incredible trip and one I'll remember hopefully for the rest of my life as my very first, very awesome road trip.
My crappy shot of the L.A. skyline as we drove through on the 5 freeway - crazy to think we drove from S.F. to L.A. in seven hours...
FINAL MILEAGE: 1,177 miles approx.
  • Riding the trolley car, hanging off the side in true San Fransiscan fashion
  • Eating dinner at the Equinox, the rotating restaurant ontop on the Hyatt hotel on the Embarcadero in San Francisco
  • Hiking up the center of the Big Sur river, and being there in general
  • The drive up PCH the second day, the views from the road in the area around Santa Barbara were really amazing
  • Eating lunch at the Madonna Inn in SLO, nuff said there
  • The Hotels/Inns we stayed at each night, all awesome and all uniquely suited to the area
  • Walking around UCSC and downtown Santa Cruz
  • Walking and shopping along the Fisherman's Wharf in Monterey
  • Seeing Charlie, Dave and Adam in Santa Cruz
  • Spending time with myboyfriend, and perhaps more importantly my best friend, Peter
  • The amazing lack of traffic, the weather, and basically everything else...

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