Saturday, July 29, 2006

Summer Road Trip ~ Day Four

Today was our fourth day on our trip up the coast. We had breakfast at a cute little place called the Beach Street Cafe along the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz with David, my old roomate, and Adam a friend from Ventura. After that we checked out of our hotel and after finally hearing that Pete wasn't going to be on call, we turned north on the 101 towards San Francisco. With one stop in San Mateo at a cute little swimming center thingy in San Mateo to use their restrooms, we made it in good time.
Breakfast on the boardwalk was fantastic, I can't really comment on that rubber chicken however...
We had a late lunch (clam chowder in a sourdough bowl of course) at Fisherman's Wharf, our second "fisherman's" wharf of the trip, and probably third or fourth pier/wharf in general.
Yummm, bread bowls and soup are a S.F. classic
After that we walked to Ghiradelli's square to buy some of the famous chocolate. We took photos from that area of Alcatraz and what we could see of the Golden Gate Bridge. We walked up a very steeeeeep hill to see the Lombard Street, the world's "crookedest" road, which offered amazing views of S.F. from all angles, then hopped onto on of the trolley cars to take it back to where we parked, which was by far the highlight of the day perhaps even the trip. Something about holding onto the sides and hanging out away from the car as it breaks up and down the steep hills just seals the feeling of San Fransisco for me. After retrieving our car, we got a room at the Holiday Inn in South San Fransisco.
Pete and I standing in front of Alcatraz in San Francicso
We had dinner at the most awesome restaurant. We decided it was our last night so it was alright to splurge and eat at the Equinox, a rotating restaurant ontop of the Hyatt Regency on the Embarcadero. It was amazing, dinner and dessert were delicious, dessert being yummy pumpkin creme brulee and coffee =)
Tomorrow we hop onto the 5 freeway and coast the entire way home, what an amazing trip we've had, and how lucky we've been that it's been stress-free, trouble-free and truly incredible.

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