Friday, January 08, 2010

Top 10 Birding Memories of 2009

My 2009 Memories:
  1. First birding trip of 2009, Irvine Ranch Conservancy hike along Quail Hill Loop with Evelyn.
  2. February Wildflower Hike with Irvine Ranch Conservancy along Loma Ridge, over Limestone Canyon.
  3. Night Hike up Agua Chinon Canyon to the back side of the sinks, with IRC.
  4. April OC Birdathon with Neil Gilbert and Vic Leipzig, got my life spotted owl!
  5. Taking a sunset photography lesson with professional photographer Andre Torng.
  6. Filming Wild in the City pilot in LA county with some birder friends and Richard Crossley.
  7. Picking Lois Taylor's brain on plant ID on the IRC hike in Round Canyon.
  8. Catalina was one long awesome birding memory, but the West End hummer tour stands out.
  9. Hiking up Kent's Ledge to see the fall foliage changing in Vermont.
  10. It's not birding, but the first snowfall in SoRo was quite a memorable experience.
Finally, I counted, and according to eBird, I got 14 lifers in 2009!

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