Sunday, February 22, 2009

Geology Hike to the Sinks

Yesterday I went on a hike to the Sinks in Limestone Canyon. The sinks are a geologic feature where the land has dropped down creating sheer cliff faces. The hike lasted 5 miles and 4 hours and included birds - cactus wrens, olive-sided flycatchers, lesser goldfinches, red-tailed hawks, ect. Included insects like - cabbage whites, ladies, Sara orange-tips, and ladybird beetles. Included flowers and plants like - miniature lupins, fiddle-necks, California poppies, chaparral pea, whorehound, wild cucumber, and gooseberry.
The Sinks

Often called the "Grand Canyon of Orange County"

The sinks from the back

We began the hike with a stream crossing, and returned along a ridge route. The weather was overcast but humid, and by the end of the hike I was certainly wishing I'd brought a bottle of water - silly me, you'd think I'd never hiked before. Today I'm supposed to go on a wildflower hike along Loma Ridge, but the weather seems a bit on the rainy-threatening side, so we'll see how today goes =)
Miner's Lettuce

Chapparal pea against a tree trunk

Bobcat tracks

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