Sunday, March 04, 2007

My Guitar's New Paint-Job

One of my best friends (my non-related little sister really) and I painted a Red-tailed Hawk on my guitar. I had the idea to paint it a while ago, it was a cheap guitar, and I only play for fun, so I thought it would be great to personalize it. Alex is a talented artist, and so I asked her if she'd be willing to do the artwork for me. She agreed and together we figured out the right bird, and bought the paints. We chose to model our RTHA after the one across the cover of the Sibley (altered a bit in accordance with the different color morphs on the inside as well) Then in one 5+ hour sitting, Alex painted my bird, with much input and backseat painting by yours truly =)


John said...

That is a neat customization. I doubt there are many guitars that sport red-tails. Maybe I ought to consider something for my guitar. A cerulean warbler, perhaps? ;-)

Leigh said...

haha thanks John, the cerulean would be gorgeous, but you have to remember to pick a pose that will look good lying on its side while being played, as well as in a stand/vertical. =)

Anonymous said...

Hi there
cool Hawk and its very well done
i was just wondering
did you put any sort of finish on after you painted it?
Im looking to have one of my friends paint my guitar too

Leigh said...

Hi Adrian, I did buy a spray on protective coating from an art supply store, it was one meant for crafts like painting mailboxes and such. I'm not 100% satisfied with it, but for now I figure its better than not protecting it at all. good luck!