Saturday, February 10, 2007

L.A. Birding

I spent today birding with quite a few good people, Scott Haber and his girlfriend Susan, visiting from Cornell University, as well as Oscar Johnson, Jim Lomax, John Sterling and Dan Cooper. We started at Playa Del Ray, looking for the Rock Sandpiper. No luck on that bird, but Scott got one lifer, and Susan got a few. Scott and Susan then had to leave, and the rest of us continued on to Banning Park, right next to Banning High, where my dad graduated from in 1962. There we found a Thick-billed Kingbird, a lifer for me =) Then to El Dorado, where we struck out on the Harris Sparrow, but saw the Tropical Kingbird. That's it for tonight since we have another early day of birding tomorrow!

Tropical and Thick-billed Kingbirds =)

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