Friday, December 01, 2006

Short-eared owl at UNB

Yesterday evening, around sunset, I joined Jim Lomax, a Calfornia county birder from.... I don't actually know where, to look for the short-eared owl being seen this winter at Upper Newport Bay, near the boardwalk. We had been told by John Luther, who had seen it the previous day that it came out at 5:05, a few minutes after the sun went down. At 5:03, I glanced up and saw a shape moving low across the skyline. It was our owl. It flew directly in front of us, and continued left until we could no longer follow it in the fading light. Not a lifer for me, but a county bird for both of us, and as always with owls, a treat.
Because of the low light, no photos, but here's one of the sunset.

BCNH flying in the dying light.

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