Friday, December 01, 2006

Friday Birding Around the OC

Well... today was a failed chasing day, I was 0-2 on the yellow-throated warbler at Tewinkle, and the waterthrush at HCP. I console myself with the fact that both were reported to be hard to find. It was still a nice day, this week really feels like winter for the first time all season, even though the winter migrants have been here for ages. There were Variagated Meadowhawks all over, even found some mating.

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Aaron Simon said...

Hi Leigh. I enjoy your blog very much. I have been birding in OC for a few months (since June) and I was hoping you could give me directions to the 'boardwalk' at UNB. My knowledge of the area is limited (so far) to the road that runs from Jamboree to Jamboree (Bay Dr. ?) My email is
Thanks very much.