Saturday, September 09, 2006


I had been putting off going to chase the Ruff down at San Elijo Lagoon in San Diego due to homework and general stress and exhaustion. During a break from working on one of my two papers due Monday, I checked the OrCoRBA just to see if anything new was around. There was a Ruff reported from my local patch, SJWS! I grabbed my camera and raced over there, it was 5:30ish, still light enough to go chase it. So another lifer this month, seems to be a good fall for me - despite large amounts of homework and general busy schedule =)
p.s. the bird feeding next to it in a couple of the shots is a Pectoral Sandpiper.


Redhead Nature Girl said...

Hi Leigh,
Glad to see you got away from the studies and saw the Ruff (and pectoral too). I got it today Sunday. Looks like you also photographed a juvie stilt with all that brown feathering on the upper back. It is good to get the rarities plus the familiar too! Good photos.

Leigh said...

Thanks Trude! =)