Friday, September 15, 2006

Osprey Watching

I had a very relaxing day today, I had originally planned on getting up early and going birding at HCP, but when the alarm clock went off I decided that I really needed more sleep. So instead of getting up at the crack of dawn and birding hard, I settled for coffee and CNN and a short walk later in the day. I wasn't disappointed either. Although it was still fairly sunny and warm, the air had a different feel and the lighting was totally different, time to face the fact that fall is indeed here. I didn't see or hear a whole lot, but one special sighting made the walk worthwhile. An osprey was hunting over the SJWS creek, and allowed me one very amazing shot and maybe three full minutes of spactacular views. magnificent! I rounded out the walk with a few photos of other wildlife, including a Marine Blue and a grasshopper of some sort, haven't learned to properly I.D. those yet...
Even though this one isn't perfectly in focus, I liked it

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