Monday, August 14, 2006

Weekend in San Diego

Hey all, sorry for the lack of posts, nature-related or otherwise. I spent this weekend down in San Diego with Pete, he leaves for college in Chicago on the 19th and needless to say I'm not taking it well. We had a beautiful weekend though, relaxing, walking around Coronado, and eating out at some great restaurants, as well as cooking in. We stayed in his family's condo in Downtown S.D. It has a gorgeous view of the city, and it was really a treat to wake up to each day. Classes ended last week, summer semester really does suck, and fall classes start the 21st so I get one whole week of no class, hooray? I'll keep this short and end the post with a few photos from the trip =)
Dinner at Fillipe's in Little Italy, there was a line out the door to eat there!!
Pete cutting veggies for the dinner we prepared Friday night, it was delicious!
On the ferry across to Coronado a cicada landed in my hair and the lady behind me (taking the photo for us) flicked the crap out of that sucker, it was on the ground for like 5 minutes before it flew away! poor cicada
We had dinner at the most amazing mexican restaurant in Old Town, my new favorite place to eat in San Diego, best food

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