Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Beach Photo Shoot<3

Time to get out from my usual place behind the camera and pose for a few shots... Pete and I really wanted some professional-quality photos of us to frame since he's leaving for Chicago in a week. We also wanted to use one for the cover of the memory book we're making via snapfish.com - a really awesome website where you can make a myriad of things like puzzles and blankets and stamps and such, using your own photographs. Instead of paying through the nose for a professional (expensive) photographer, we asked our friend Jessica to take them for us. She is an amazing photog in her own right, and was willing to do it for us for free! (It gave her ample opportunity to try out her newly upgraded camera)

Here's a few of the shots - some photoshopped, some not, and here's a link to her page so you can see which she picked out as well...

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