Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I and the Bird #29 Goes on Vacation

Right now it is summer in sunny Southern California, and for most people summer means taking a vacation. Having just gotten back from a really fantastic road trip up the CA coast, I admit to having traveling on the brain. So pack your bags, don't forget the sunscreen, insect repellant and extra socks because I and the Bird is hitting the road!
Our first stop is one of my local hangouts, the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary, where Amy Hooper of Wildbird on the Fly went on one of the daily morning walk's with Sea and Sage Audubon's Advanced campers. After taking in the canvasback and virgina's rail, it is time to move on, after all we have a lot of ground to cover.
When going on any vacation it is imperative to take a field guide that depicts the birds of that region. We head up the cost to Washington where GrrlScientist of Living the Scientific Life has recommended we pick up the Birds of Washington State guide.
Our next stop is 1562.04 miles away in Tuscon, Arizona where we join Rick from Amophila Adventures watching aztec thrushes, flame-colored tanagers, and montazuma quail at Treasures of the Sierra Madre in Madera Canyon.
Now head off to a seminar on the Ecology and Conservation of Forest Birds in the Pikes Peak Region of Colorado. Melissa from Rosetta Stones has invited us to watching and listen as professor Brian Linkhart pulls birds out of the mist nets and teaches us about the importance of preserving such a wonderful place.
Northward now, 1169.05 miles to Minnesota where Birdchick takes us in persuit of the slaty-backed gull. We all stop in for lunch at the Angry Trout before moving along.
Next, Alabama, where we have a seat in Karen of Rurality's garden. We snack on tomatos and okra and enjoy her beautiful indigo buntings, garden-helpers that keep the food we're consuming pest-free.
Next we join Mike from 10,000 Birds, in Rollins Savanna, Illinois. Here we all enjoy the mid-western regulars like dicksissel, yellow-headed blackbird, sedge wren and of course, savannah sparrow.
Massachusetts is next on the list. Here we meet with Janet from The Plover Warden Diaries where we take a shift watching over piping plover nests with her, then head over to try to get a glimpse of the black-tailed godwit through the crowds of other hopeful birders.
We join Tai Haku of Earth, Wind and Water in looking at a suprisingly small green heron before moving on to New Jersey where Patrick of The Hawk Owl's Nest gives us a lesson on identifying northern rough-winged swallows, a species I happen to love myself.
Our next stop is only a few hours and 177.58 miles to Washinton D.C., where John of A DC Birding Blog teaches us about ovenbirds, a really neat little warbler that differs from what one might consider usual warbler plumage.
Now onto South America where we canoe with Carel of Rigor Vitae, to see Hoatzins, a species I have neither seen or heard of before. Perhaps this stop provides a lifer for most of us?
Our next two stops are even father into South America where we see magellanic pengiuns with Joe of Interesting Things of the Day.
Now onto visit Clare of The House & other Arctic musings, in a real dump in Ushuaia Argentina. Amid the garbage we see white-throated caracaras, mulitple species of gulls, and one of his favorite species, a white-crowned sparrow, far out of range!
Now it's off to the U.K. to Sheffield where Roger of Words & Pictures takes us on an urban birdwalk where we hear blackcaps and whitethroats, and discuss the status of the black redstart.
Alright everyone, bathroom break because this next flight is gonna be a long one. It's off to Australia to join Duncan of Ben Cruachan Blog to participate in an orange-bellied parrot survey. beyond parrots the wildlife is abundant and even a little frisky at times.
Well guys, it's now time to hop on your respective flights home, unpack and get back to reality. I hope you all enjoyed our vacation together. Don't forget to submit to IATB#30 over at Burning Silo!


John said...

This edition was nicely done.

Patrick Belardo said...

Nice job Leigh! I wish I could be on vacation right now...

Mike said...

Well done, Leigh. Who couldn't use a vacation right about now?

John L. Trapp said...

Very nice job. Congratulations!

Duncan said...

Well done Leigh, nice to see a young person at the helm.

Pamela said...

Great vacation! A treat to spend so much time in South America.

Leigh said...

thanks all, it was really fun putting this together! I wish I was better with HTML coding so I could have added photo links and other fun media, perhaps another time =)

inchirieri apartamente cluj said...

A really well done article. It sounds like an adventure.

news games said...

Yes ! yes I realy could use to be on vacation right now. Well done Leigh