Saturday, May 13, 2006

Stress Reliever

I walked around Sea and Sage today to try and relax a little. This week has been pretty stressful for me. It was a beautiful day and I saw plenty there. A female Northern Harrier flew over me, I was alerted to her presence by a very worked up Tree Swallow calling. Got fantastic looks at Great Blue's, they were all over. Least Bell's Vireos calling around today, they're comin in for the summer =) Got good looks at Least Terns too. It was kind of neat to be there with all the fuzzy seeds from the willows blowing around in the breeze. Not too great for allergies but for some reason it wasn't giving me too much trouble.

My Mother's Day hike at Upper Newport Bay has 36 people(!!!) registered for it. The tide isn't fantastic at that time of day tomorrow but I think it's going to be sunny and gorgeous so it should be fanstastic.

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female Blue Dasher