Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Open Season: Sandhill Cranes

I wanted to pass along a very distressing blog post from a fellow birder and blogger on the hunting of Sandhill Cranes throughout the Central Flyway. I was stunned to read that there is hunting allowed for this species.
Now, just my two cents here, but I do not oppose hunting. I'm a vegetarian, and don't hunt or even eat meat myself, but hunters are often some of the largest supporters of conservation initiatives in America. After all, you can't hunt it if the species dies out, or there's no land to hunt on. I'm all for sustainable hunting practices, and in some places, deer management is an integral part of the wildlife management plans. However, a species like Sandhill Cranes does not fall on my "okay to shoot at" list. I don't know how hard this would hit the population, but unless it can be proven to be a sustainable practice, I would be against it.
Take a moment to read her blog post, learn about Tennessee's controversial practices, and make an informed decision for yourself about how you feel about the issue of crane hunting.
If it bothers you, pass along the story to raise awareness, and consider taking an even more active role by writing to your local representatives, or trying to get your local conservation groups involved.

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heidi said...

Wow, Leigh, thanks for sharing this - Galveston Island had a ban on hunting Sanhills because only 1 pair winters there. Leave it to Texas though, the ban has been hotly contested for a few years. Seriously, after they shoot the 2 birds that winter on Galveston Island, are they expecting more to show up? ::headdesk::