Sunday, March 28, 2010

March Hike up Kent's Ledge

It was an overcast, blustery morning, Peter and I had decided to hike Kent's Ledge. It was extremely peaceful and calm on the way up, very few birds beyond a brown creeper, some juncos, and a small flock of chickadees calling.
When we reached the ledge itself, the wind was howling, which kept us from lingering there too long. We began the trek back down, taking a different route than we hiked up, just for variety. Pileated woodpeckers called from the trees ahead, but otherwise, it stayed quiet. As we were only a few minutes from the end of the hike, I finally met my icy match, doing the stereotypical cartoon banana peel slip. My legs went straight out from under me, and I landed flat on my back. Oooof. Ouch.
After the shock wore off, I was sore, and my ego felt a bruise forming, but otherwise I was fine. We headed to the car to get me home where I could nurse my wounds in peace. So much for mountain woman...
Consolation prize was getting great looks at a downy woodpecker climbing the tree outside my window. Maybe mother nature felt sorry for me.

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