Thursday, July 30, 2009

Catalina Update

Hello all! I know it's been painfully quiet around here. Internet on the island is very limited, and when I do get it, I've been working on paperwork for grad school and a scholarship I'm applying for.
Life on the island has been incredible. We lead hikes and do campfire programs on weekends, a Botanical Garden walk in Avalon daily, and an outreach table in Two Harbors and Avalon daily. We have California Quail, House Finches, Allen's Hummingbirds, Pac Slope Flycatchers, Bewick's Wrens, Common Ravens, Red-tailed Hawks, and even an occasional Bald Eagle in our camp in Avalon.
My favorite camp visitor however, is the Santa Catalina Island Fox. We have a ballsy fox that uses our camp as part of it's territory, and will bark at us when we cross paths. It will also eat our beautiful co-op fruits and veggies when we forget to immediately put them into the coolers.
We helped with data collection on one of the rarest shrubs in North America - the Catalina Island Mohogany. A rare endemic species found only in one canyon on the island.
All in all it's been a wonderful summer, but I am definitely looking forward to moving to Vermont to start my new life there as a masters student at Vermont Law School.


Doug said...

Have you seen or search for the Avalon hairstreak yet?

Leigh said...

Yes! I see them regularly during our daily Botanic Garden walks :) Can't seem to get a photo of the buggers though!

Gunnar Engblom said...

Hi Leigh.
Checked your blog out. I guess not mentioning the Island Scrub Jay, means it is not on Santa Catalina although on Santa Cruz. Kind of strange really.