Thursday, March 12, 2009

Vermont Law School

I've decided to accept the scholarship to study at Vermont Law School for my Masters of Environmental Law and Policy. It came down to fit, both financially, and lifestyle wise. I was absolutely thrilled to be accepted to NYU, but they offered me no merit scholarships, and in this economic time, that matters. Cost of living was a huge factor.
Secondly, I felt I would feel more comfortable living in Vermont than the Big Apple. I'm still within weekend visiting distance, which is great, but ultimately I felt the noise and hustle of the city would be overwhelming to live in. I like to go birding, and quilt, and read avidly - often in bed before 10pm - not exactly the closest fit for city living ;)
Third, it was the small versus large school debate. UCI is a large school, and my experience here has been wonderful, but when it came down to it, VLS just was so much more helpful and responsive to every email and question I had, whereas NYU never once responded to any communication I sent - I have to chalk that up to the difference between a large and small institution, but I want to be at the one that took care of my questions quickly and thoroughly.
Lastly, I'm considering continuing on to law school after the masters is completed, and perhaps at that point I'll re-apply to NYU since a J.D. should be from the top institution you are accepted to. Perhaps then they'll offer me some financial incentive as well...

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