Saturday, September 06, 2008

Goodbye Cambridge

My last birding trip in Cambridge was to Milton Country Park with Richard. We grabbed a bus over and walked around for a few hours. I finally got good looks at Kingfisher - they are SO cute! We got caught out in the rain, but then the sun broke through again for the last bit of our birding. We tried really hard to get me good looks at Bullfinch - but they're incredibly timid, and all I got were flybys, lots of calls, and glimpses of them through the bushes. Oh well.
Mute Swan looking for handouts
My trip to Cambridge has been amazing, and I am definitely sad to be leaving this charming place. The birding on my trip was amazing, thanks to Richard Hall, Torcuil Grant, and Ilya MacLean. I got somewhere around 65 lifers - I'll do the final tally when I'm home and over my inevitable jetlag.
Train tracks

I leave England Monday, I will be spending the weekend in London with a college friend. I am definitely planning to come back to England in the future - perhaps for a higher degree or just for pleasure.

Milton Country Park

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