Monday, August 25, 2008

Kings College Chapel Roof!

So today was amazing. We got a tour guide to take us up onto the roof of the Kings College Chapel (not usually allowed for the public). It was spine-tingling and hair raising - but so incredibly worth it. The view was phenomenal, but I didn't know we were going up there before hand, so I didn't bring my fancy camera *drat* - I do have some video uploaded at the end of the post though =)
The view from the roof!

The roof itself is vaulted, so we were scrambling up the sides to stand at the peak in the center, which still makes me a bit dizzy thinking back on it - but offered without a doubt the best views of the city available.
Looking down to King's lawn
Graffiti on the walls - amazing!
Not quite sure what was meant here - but quite an important year for America!
Video I took from the rooftop - sorry the quality sucks...

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