Monday, August 11, 2008


Well we went to Scotland Thursday through Sunday which was quite an experience. Scotland was MUCH colder than Cambridge, and rainy much of the time. It was like the European version of New York, especially since the Fringe Festival was underway and the streets were literally packed wall to wall with people walking around, and performers trying to earn some coins from passersby as well as people handing out flyers to entice you to come to various performances.
Possibly my favorite photo of the trip so far

I decided to do a lot of my city shots in black and white, it just seemed to really make them stand out better, and with the rainy weather, that's often how the city appeared.
View from my breakfast table

Thursday we spent mainly on a bus to Scotland from England, which was probably about an 8 hour trip. We stopped for lunch in a town called Richmond, which was very scenic and cute. There was a castle we went to, where I snapped some cool shots.
Castle in Richmond, England
This river was in Richmond, and due to the peat, was brown...

Which I thought made it look like a river of Guiness

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