Monday, June 02, 2008


I don't know how many of you keep lists, life lists, year lists, trip lists... ect. but there is a website that if you haven't heard of, you really need to visit. It's called eBird, and it's a website that allows you to input the birds you've seen at a particular location, say for example I birded at San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary - I could click on it in the "birding hotspots" or find it using their interactive map, then go onto a checklist and tick off each species I saw. eBird then tallies it up and keeps a running total of your month, year, life, and county lists. Best of all, the information you input is used as scientific data that helps give us a picture of bird movement, population levels, and other important stuff like that.
You can backlog your trip reports too, which is how I added to the life list, going back through my notebooks of trips, and even using the back entries of this blog to remember trips and birds. It's not up to my actual life list yet, but I'm adding to it. I love this website, and I love that it emails me my trip lists all typed up. If you haven't, you should definitely consider getting an account (free) and starting your own lists, for memory, for personal record, or for the sake of adding to a body of scientific knowledge.

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