Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Summer Plans

Memorial Weekend was not at all what I'd planned. Instead of birding my head off in the desert I was stuck at home sick. Not fun at all. On the bright side, classes are winding down, the sun is out, and I have some awesome plans for this summer to look forward to.
I will spend the first half here, birding and attending summer school at UCI. The month of August through September 15th I will be at the University of Cambridge in England!!! There is a summer study abroad program through UCI that allows me to take classes there and live in the dorms. So it looks like my year list will include quite a few birds of the British variety =)
I also have side trips lined up to bird with friends who live in and around the Cambridge/London areas, woo hoo! We get three day weekends the entire time to facilitate side travel. I also signed up for a painting course which is held, weather permitting, in the gardens. We all know my ulterior motive for this was to be outside more often so I can get as much birding in as possible. (my other class is one that applies to my major)
The official program ends on the 6th of September, but I plan to stay in Europe for a week or so afterwards to travel around and get some extra birding in, maybe head back to Scotland, since our 5 day side trip won't be nearly enough time there for me.

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Pat said...

That's sound great.

I wish I can join your birding someday.