Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Wildflowers on Campus

Well today I took my camera with my macro adapter back out to the field beside my apartments on Arroyo Dr. to photograph another flower I'd noticed that wasn't there last time. It's this gorgeous purple and yellow-y orange flower. I emailed Bob Allen, local botanist and pollination expert and he informed me that it's in the genus Linaria, and related to snapdragons. It's unfortunately a non-native species.
There was also this amazing duskywing sp. that I accidently disturbed while photographic a flower too close to the one it was on, after it settled, I crept up close to get some amazing looks at it with my macro - I knew I bought those lens adapters for a reason!

Tonight was the OC-SCB meeting (first wednesday of every month in the Nat. Sci. II building on UCI's campus) Tonight's speaker was Peter Bryant, a professor of biology at UCI and an avid photographer and entomologist. He gave us the rundown of the majority of insect groups in orange county, including spider photos close enough to make you squirm... It was great fun, and if you live in Orange County and haven't attended a meeting, you should really come check it out.
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Mel said...

Lovely flowers, amazing colours :)