Saturday, December 15, 2007

CBC: Starr Ranch/Caspers

Today was my first CBC of the season - the Starr Ranch circle, run by Justin Shew. For the second year in a row I counted at Casper's Regional Park. Unlike the misty rain that fell last year, today was clear and sunny - and even bordered on warm during parts. It was a very quiet day, and we had no remarkable species beyond a dark-morph red-tailed hawk - which I could just barely make out had an aluminum band on its right leg.
Here's my crappy shot of the dark morph RTHA.

My companions were great this year, like last year, and included ten-year old Kraylor - who I will personally track down if he doesn't attend Marsh Camp this summer! We had a great time picking out wrentits, flickers, and acorn woodpeckers by ear, and he even got a sense for using my camera.

Here's Kraylor's excellent shot of an Acorn Woodpecker.

I had to leave a bit early to get to my LSAT practice test today, but I thought it was a successful, if quiet, morning of birding.

He even caught us doing our final tally.

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