Saturday, November 03, 2007

November at SJWS

I took my boyfriend Drew out birding with me this morning at SJWS. It was a cool, foggy morning that felt just right for November. We found plenty of ducks on the ponds - northern pintails, northern shovelers, ruddy ducks, American widgeons, gadwalls, green-wing teal and cinnamon teal. We walked around the first few ponds, then headed across the boardwalk into the back area where I have been wandering more and more recently.
There was a hermit thrush calling, and spotted a fox sparrow, one of my favorites, scraping alongside the trail. We heard a Nuttall's woodpecker calling, and when I looked up to point it out to Drew, in the same tree was a northern flicker. Although he is not officially a birder, he was impressed by the pied-billed grebe in the small creek that had caught a fish and was struggling to swallow it.
Great Marsh Evening Primrose

We walked around to the ponds farther back, where Drew pointed out a lone western grebe diving for fish. Continuing to make our way toward the front ponds, we saw a great-blue heron sitting in a cottonwood tree, the poor tree bent nearly in half under it's weight. In the pond opposite the meadow we found a large white pelican feeding. The vertical drop of the hunting Forster's terns surprised Drew. I love birding with people who don't consider themselves birders, its a treat to watch them ooh and aah over birds that we've become so accustomed to over the years. I really need to get out birding more often...

Here's a list in banding code of the species we saw:

  1. PBGR
  2. WEGR
  3. AWPE
  4. DCCO
  5. GBHE
  6. GREG
  7. SNEG
  8. BCNH
  9. GADW
  10. NOPI
  11. AMWI
  12. NOSH
  13. CITE
  14. GWTE
  15. RUDU
  16. RSHA
  17. AMCO
  18. SORA
  19. SEPI
  20. KILL
  21. AMAV
  22. BNST
  23. SPSA
  24. LBDO
  25. FOTE
  26. MODO
  27. ANHU
  28. ALHU
  29. NUWO
  30. NOFL
  31. BLPH
  32. SAPH
  33. CORA
  34. AMCR
  35. HOWR
  36. MAWR
  37. RCKI
  38. HETH
  39. COYE
  40. SPTO
  41. WCSP
  42. FOSP
  43. SOSP
  44. RWBL
  45. GTGR
  46. HOFI
  47. AMGO

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