Friday, August 10, 2007

August Birding

Well for the first time in ages, I had a morning free to go birding. It was already 75 degrees at by 9am when I arrived, and it did not cool off at all. It was slightly more subdued than I'm used to, due to the heat, but I had the marsh to myself, seeing only one couple walking during my entire two hours there.

I saw dozens of white-throated swifts flying around, and lots of Wilson's phalaropes in the third pond. The butterflies and dragonflies outnumbered the birds, with Lorquin's Admirals, Western Tiger-Swallowtails, and multiple species of dragons flying around.

The lizards were also out basking in the sun, and skuttled away whenever I came too close. At one point, I saw a european honey bee struggling in a web, the spider waiting patiently just out of reach. The bee managed to disentangle itself and flew to the mulefat nearby to continue gathering pollen

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