Thursday, February 01, 2007

Shots on a Rainy Day

I apologize for my lack of posts lately, school work is getting the better of me, and the only birding I've done has been by car to and from class. Also, the last couple days have been rainy, which is not generally good for camera gear...
I am now an owner of an iPod, which I avoided buying for years. Why did I cave in you ask? BirdJam is a company that produces a software which adapts the Stokes Guides to bird songs (east and west) to put them on iPods. It removes the bird's name from the track and adds it to the screen, as well as a short description of the call, then groups them into categories for quick access. I've only had it one day so far, but it seems terrific.

Here are a few photos I took of the weather mostly on my way home betwen classes yesterday, they aren't edited, but oh well.


Doug said...

Hey Kiddo,

I also just got my Ipod witht he Bird Jams. Did you also get the I Main Go portable speakers? I can't believe how good they sound, even with music. I was able to call in the Worm-eating and Yellow-throated Warbler easily along with a Baltimore Oriole in San Diego with this setup.

Leigh said...

I didn't buy the speakers, but Bob
Allen did and I got to see his, they're fantastic. For now though, I've found that just cranking it to the highest volume plays it loud enough to call stuff in =)