Sunday, December 24, 2006

Gifts From the Marsh

Today I went birding at SJWS, and let me tell you, the marsh kept giving me dozens of little holiday gifts. A close up view of a WTKI here, an Osprey flying directly overhead with a fish there, an inquisitive Fox Sparrow, a 'chupping' Hermit Thrush. Over and over again I got amazing sightings, too many to even describe. Went back around 4pm and saw the Clay-colored Sparrow that's being seen by the Red-throated Pipit spot. Thanks to Doug Willick for the tips, it did in fact fly up to the barbed wire long enough to get a decent look at it, hooray!
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher 'gnatcatching'

Song Sparrow peaking out at me

Osprey with fish

Anna's Hummingbird with glowing gorget

This Fox Sparrow was incredibly responsive to my pishing

American Kestrel on hawk perch

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher posing

White-tailed Kite with rodent


Lita -email: said...

Hello Leigh,

I think I remember you mentioning the "Wild Side" of Mason Park before. Well, I went to Mason Park for the first time today. But when I got there, it was just an ordinary park with a manmade lake and a green lawns. I went to Mason Regional Park in Irvine. Did I go to the wrong Mason Park?


Leigh said...

Hey Lita,

you were at the right park, however the area I'm talking about isn't in Mason Park, it's across Culver. To get there you drive farther along University Dr. You park in a residential neighborhood off of Rosa Drew Ln./Ridgeline Dr. and walk across the street and down a pathway. It's not technically inside Mason, but I guess is run by the same people or something like that.

Anonymous said...

Hi Leigh - WOW you have some good bird photos - I really enjoy your blog and especially your pictures. Cheers from Canada!!

Leigh said...

well thank you very much! I enjoy taking the photos, and sharing them here on my blog =)