Wednesday, November 08, 2006

a Silent Killer

This is a disturbing thought, birds being killed by a plant. Common Burdock is found throughout most of the U.S. it is a non-native species from the old world. What is apparently happening, is that birds are getting caught in the velcro-like spines of the seedheads, and dying. Here is an article discussing the problem, as it relates specifically to Golden and Ruby-crowned Kinglets.

Here is the initial link, with a photograph of a kinglet trapped in the burrs, so that you can see what it entails. I'm putting it as a link instead of placing the photo here because although it's not graphic, it is very sad. This site also has a link to the article I linked to above.
Ruby-crowned Kinglet I saw at SJWS with Alex on Sunday

Has anyone ever seen or heard of this happening with RCKIs, GCKIs or other small birds? It was news to me...


Patrick Belardo said...

This is the first I'd heard of it too when this article came out. It's so sad!

Mike said...

Wow, I never heard of this. Thanks, Leigh.