Wednesday, November 15, 2006

10th Annual Central Valley Birding Symposium

This weekend is the 10th annual CVBS, and my second year attending. It is a great chance for California birders to get together with eachother - and with some of the big names in California birding such as Kimball Garrett, Joe Morlan, Keith Hansen, and Andy Engilis, and New Jeresy bird photographer Kevin Karlson to name a few- to go birding, discuss ornithological happenings, and generally meet and greet. It runs from Thursday the 16th, tomorrow, until Sunday the 19th.
This year's gorgeous t-shirt design by Rene Reyes

The mornings are filled with various field trips to the local hotspots, and afternoons and evenings filled with presentations, workshops, and booths full of vendors selling their goods to peruse. It is a great time to make new aquaintances for future use, as well as to catch up with old friends that live too far to see regularly.
Last year's youngbirders together for a group shot while looking at MOPLs

I will try to post photos of the birds seen on the trips I attend, and update with highlights of the symposium. Usually the young birders get together and bird on the trip, which might be my favorite part, afterall we are the future of birding and personally it's exciting to see so many talented people my own age out there birding.

Youngbirders together birding =)

CVBS attendees chatting after the dinner presentation by Don Roberson

For all the Cali birders, hope to see you there!

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