Sunday, September 03, 2006

Sunday Birding 9-3-06

I birded the park across Culver from Mason Regional Park this morning. There were a few migrants there, and just a lot of birds in general. I haven't been able to get a total species count for the morning because I forgot my little field notebook, so I didn't keep a running tally, but I'm pretty sure it was high. The highlights species-wise included a calling Least Bell's Vireo, which seemed awfully late, and a Spotted Sandpiper by the cement ponds in Mason Regional Park. I also saw my second coyote of the weekend, and a Blue-eyed Darner =)


RDeWitt said...

Go to Humboldt State! I graduated from there a few years ago with a degree in Wildlife and if your into birding its the spot.

Leigh said...

Hahaha Awesome, glad to hear a recommendation. I'm just waiting to hear that I've been accepted. If I am, then I'll be headed up there for the spring semester!