Saturday, September 02, 2006

Salton Sea Scenery

I went to the Salton Sea with Alex Thomas yesterday, September 1st 2006. We had an amazing day full of good sightings, and new experiences. Here are some of the scenery shots, I'll follow this post up with one that talks more about the day and has photos of the birds we saw. I felt that the images of the sea can be so powerful on their own, and that I got so many beautiful photos, that they deserved a seperate post.

The last two photos are of a coyote we saw running, probably spooked by the gunshots we kept hearing, it was the first day of hunting season. =/ The second is of a pair of tiny little paw prints we saw, just one of many sets of tracks we enjoyed studying while we made the 1/2 mile walk out the the river mouth. We have no idea what could have made tracks so small, are there weasels at the sea? They were so tiny, they would have fit inside the toe prints of the canine tracks nearby.

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Anonymous said...

The baby blue birds have left the nest successfully!!!! Next visit when you both fly out here...we'll have time to drive the blue ridge parkway!k.keilt