Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Leigh Has a New Store!

Hey all, while I haven't been taking very many photos lately, I have been busy. I opened up a store on to sell various items like totebags, hats, greeting cards, and mugs with my photographs on them! You can purchase these items at a very reasonable cost, and having bought items from stores on this website before, I can personally attest to the quality. So if you particularly liked a photograph of mine, and would like it made into a postcard or a t-shirt, check out my store and order it. If the particular photograph isn't there on an item you'd like to purchase, email me and let me know which item and which photograph you'd like and I will place it in there for you!
Want a black t-shirt with this lovely wild rose on it? Buy one today!
Help a college student out with her book costs eh ;)
Without further ado, my store, enjoy!

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