Sunday, June 11, 2006


For those of you particularly interested in lepidoptera, here's a blog just for you! Also one Odonata... Today the marsh was quiet birdwise,( it might help if I dragged my bum out of bed before 11, hehe) but the butterflies were simply everywhere, enjoy!
Skipper species, my guide is in my car... I am so stoked on that curled proboscis!
What a lady! West Coast.
Mourning Cloak, for some reason their faces amuse me
Sylvan Hairstreak
Lorquin's Admiral
female Mexican Amberwing


Anonymous said...

Nice shots Leigh! I think the skipper is a Fiery Skipper?

Leigh said...

thanks! yeah that's my guess, that's the skipper that's most common at the marsh... but I am afraid of skippers, lol.

John Afdem said...

Hi--I'm the guy (beard and camo hat) that walked past and said hi when you first got to SJWS Sunday. Nice shots on the bflys--I got some shots of the Admiral myself, but didn't id the species. My blog--

Saw a post from you at FM--great site.


Leigh said...

Hi! thank you very much. SJWS is my second home these days, and sunday was a fantastic day for butterflies. Can't wait to check out your blog, its always fun to hear about other people's birding days at the same places you hit yourself.


Anil said...

If not for their flight, butterflies would not appear half as beautiful. I like their fancy flights.

Doug Aguillard said...

Your Ode is a female Mexican Amberwing. You might find my website can help you with alot of what your into. Birds, Butterflies, Dragonflies and Nature Photography.

Leigh said...

Thank you! I will check out your site, and maybe you can help me with a more recent dragonfly, see my post about the Salton Sea on 9-2-06 =)

Doug Aguillard said...

Your Gray Hairstreak is actually a Sylvan Hairstreak.