Sunday, June 25, 2006

Australia and Owling

Sooo I have been tentatively planning a trip to Sydney, Australia since I was a little girl. My parents lived there when they were first married and I have wanted to go all my life. This December I am getting the chance. I joined the Birding-Aus listserv and have been overwhelmed with the response from it. I got great advice, offers to go birding, and general encouragement. I ordered the Pizzey and Knight field guide as it was what was most often recommended. 40 bucks used, ughhh. I have never been more excited about a trip though, bee-eaters, and fairy-wrens and bowerbirds.... oh my!
Yellow-throated miner*
Last night I went owling in Silverado Canyon with Alex Thomas, my mini me, and Dave VanderPlyum and Adam Searcy. We heard Great-horns, got fantastic views of Alex's life western screech-owl. (we've heard but never seen them in the wild) And got a calling juv. long-eared owl, which we were able to see the eye shine from. Sweeeet. We had gone to a concert earlier so Alex and my hearing was shot, and we got home around 4am, ugh. Luckily today was wayyyy too hot to safely bird canyons and too crowded on the beach so I am excused from birding for the day ;)

Western Screech-Owl*

*Photos compliments of random websites via Google =)

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