Saturday, May 27, 2006

SJWS - Memorial Weekend

Had a truly amazing day at SJWS today! Everything was lush, and spring was evident. Babies everywhere, singing birds and a whole new mix of characters. My RCKIs and WCSPs are gone until next winter, as are a lot of my winter ducks, but in their place were residents in their gaudy spring alternative plumages, and a few migrating birds stopping by on their way elsewhere, as well as a few summer visitors.
(honeybee on the wildrose booms)

The winter plants, like stinging nettle have almost completely died out, only a few left on lesser traversed trails, and the willows are all gone to seed creating a snow-like flurry of fuzzy white seeds in the air.
(there were ladybugs all over this plant)

Insects were abundant, midge flies clouded the trails, providing a feast for the swallows. No swifts at the marsh today, but I've seen them twice now in Orange so they are around. There was an enormous swarm/hive of bees along the trail, I wonder how long they'll stick around.
ATFL - a treat =)

Bee alert. Beeeware. heh heh.

Displaying Killdeer

Flying MALL

A subtle yet attractive PBGR

Harlequin beetle babies, they were tiny!


Curiously friendly Bushtit

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