Thursday, May 04, 2006

El Dorado Park

Birded El Dorado today, it was very pleasant. I got a decent number of empids there, warblers were minimal as it was mid to late afternoon and they were quiet. Got dive-bombed by a bloody bluebird, that'll teach me to walk too close to a nest box again. Got the bird in my camera about to snap a photo then realized it had taken off and was flying RIGHT at me. hahaa Ducked just in time and backed off quickly. Quite a few red-necked sliders in the ponds, and the egrets and herons are bloody tame. I watched a black-crowned night heron eating bread from someone feeding ducks!! Speaking of which, billions of domestics and funny ducks there. I got a wigeon today too, one lone bird amid millions of mallards.

Had my favorite swallow, Barn Swallows, flying overhead and calling. cutest things. Plenty of house sparrows, joy. Can't we give those suckers back? I want to go back there soon, perhaps this weekend, and shake it down in the morning, less people, more birds.
American Wigeon
Pac-Slope FL
Western Tiger-Swallowtail... minus a tail
Olive-sided - rockin the vest.
Found these nifty light colored poppies mixed in with the normal ones...

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