Friday, April 21, 2006

Peters Canyon

I went on a hike today with a friend. We hiked Peters Canyon (not much of a canyon, but hills aplenty. It was very nice, sun shining but some clouds and a fairly strong breeze blowing. Not many birds as the hike was from 2-5ish, not the birdiest time of day, but we did see bluebirds, towhees, goldfinches, and a vulture quite close, and heard gnatcatchers and COYEs all over. Took a photo of what I thought was a West Coast Lady, got it home and looked at it and realized it was an American Lady, a new butterfly for me. If I did it this time I'm sure I've misidentified them in the past.
Turkey Vulture
It's not stinking gourd, it smells like peanut butter when you rub the leaves.

way to blink buddy
Blue-eyed grass
Stink bug, back away slowly.

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